In the Fall of 2014, I moved to Joplin, MO to become the art teacher at a Christian High School. Although I have made a complete transition to full time teaching, I will be able to keep up my art production and show at a few venues as doors open.

Visit my photo/video blog to see some of my personal adventures, beginning with a 14,000 mile bicycle tour of the US and EU back in 2008-2010.

Also, please visit my artists blog: the Kevartian Chronicles, where I discuss some of the deeper issues of my art and aesthetics.

  I grew up in western Michigan, received a BA from Calvin College (Grand Rapids) and, after teaching part time in the Grand Haven area, moved to teach art at a K-12 Christian school in Virginia. I then moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where I attended Covenant Theological Seminary and taught art part time at Westminster Christian Academy. I settled for a basic graduate degree from the seminary and began to teach full time at WCA.  During that time I was able to earn a Master of Arts degree from Fontbonne University. I remained in the St. Louis area until 1996 when I moved back to my hometown to be the primary care giver for my ailing mother.

That twelve year period of care giving became a prime time for developing my art and devising a unique method of fresco paining. As a result, I was able to gain significant recognition through many competitions, exhibitions, and associated awards. It was after my mother’s death, and a 14 month adventurous bike tour around the US and EU, that I moved to Paducah, Kentucky, making it a home base for my art business called Newfresco. With a focus on sales primarily through the nation wide art festival circuit.

However, due to the recent unfavorable market, I have had to pull away considerably from that Newfresco art business and have chosen to return to teaching as my main means of employment. Teaching art has always been my first love as far as a career direction and my positive experiences with returning to that field have acted as a personal confirmation.

Of course, I will be able to continue creating my art and have plans on participating in a few art festivals during the Summer months. I want to continue to develop my fossil and excavation series and would like to return to doing some figurative work as well.

My desire to find more dependable employment and a setting where I can enjoy a more practical studio space has become a reality! I am currently teaching art full time at College Heights Christian School in Joplin, MO. I’ve also set up my temp studio there and am back into production.

Kevin Myers, Nov 2014

Artist Statement